Brand identity and design concept for a tinted moisturiser that caters to a young unisex demographic. 

Swoon is a brand that understands the dynamic nature of life. As we live in a society where everything is constantly being adapted and re-invigorated it’s important to create a brand that is not only inclusive of all lifestyle and demographic factors but that will stand the test of time.
The word swoon is a strong word that is used to describe an intense emotion such as adoration or love because of someone or something. Swoon is also used to describe someone fainting. Both connotations build upon why this brand identity is grounded by the concept of movement.
Swoon is a brand that is bold. We cater for the every day individual and their busy lifestyle and our brand palette reflects this, both in the bright but earthy tones and the more contemporary graphical elements. As a brand we focus on convenience, community and above all, making sure that everyone feels okay in their own skin.
For the individual | For the collective

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