One of the things that I’ve always been super passionate about is travelling. I am very lucky to have spent most of my adult life exploring the world and all that it has to offer. COVID for obvious reasons limited my ability to do this but I used it as an opportunity to do something that I have never really taken the time to do – explore the country that I live in. Australia has so many incredible natural wonders and it’s been so enjoyable to take the time over the last few years to explore my own backyard.
Towards the middle of 2020 I took a trip down to Jervis Bay. Being only 3 hours away from Sydney, it really is the perfect escape for a long weekend. A collection of small coastal towns, the Jervis region has so much charm without the hustle and bustle you’d get in Byron. Famous for its white sand beaches, the place is perfect for anybody that likes water sports, the beach and marine wildlife. We visited in the middle of winter with the desire to chase the sun and I must say, even in winter it is well worth the visit.

A couple of things about Jervis
It’s a pretty big place, so you almost certainly need a car. TBH I don’t really know how else you would get to Jervis without a car but in case you were planning on public transport, maybe rethink your options. Plus with a car, it means you can visit a couple of places up and down the coast while you’re there. Might I recommend the Kiama Blowhole (if you’re coming from Sydney) and Pebbly Beach (if you manage to make it down towards the Bateman Bay area).
Jervis Bay has a small coastal town vibe, so they run slower and close earlier. This helps with the holiday vibe, but it means if you come from a big city like Sydney, you need to be organised. Don’t expect to rock up at 9pm for dinner because next to nothing will be open. I’m talking petrol, supermarkets, chemists. Hardly anything is open late in the evening. ​​​​​​​
A few recommendations
Hire a bike – one of the best ways to see Jervis is on the bike. I rode from the Marine Park to Greenfield’s Beach. It was a very easy ride and a great way see all the different beaches.
LBH you probably came to visit the beaches. A few of my favs around the Jervis Bay area include Murray’s Beach, Hymans Beach, Cave Beach and Chinaman’s beach. Orion beach, while not the prettiest, had pink water while we were there which was cool to see.
And of course food! There are a bunch of restaurants to check out. Most of them are on the main strip on Owen St. Wild Ginger was probably my favourite. I had a jungle curry and it really hit the spot. Plus we were really lucky cause we did actually rock up pretty late. 5 Little Pigs, was a great place for breakfast/lunch. It was light, fresh and exactly what I needed

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