A group project that was created in response to a brief that required us to create a community living space out of various different sized shipping containers. 

A high density living community for working individuals and young families​​​​​​​
Our concept for this brief was to create a community that utilised the environment it was built in and reduced it's impact on the disruption of the surrounding habitat. We did by using mostly natural resources, incorporating garden space and utilising a shape that reflects elements from within the environment. The brief required us to have an array of commercial, retail, large apartments and small apartments. We grouped these together, with all the retail and commercial building spaces being down the bottom to provide easy access and to create a more exclusive living community up the top.  The living quarters can all be accessed by the transparent lifts located on the sides of the building. 
Group members: Fangming Koo, Sandra Qi and Madison Tong
​Contribution: For this project I helped with the precedents research and pattern languages. I also did the layout of the journal and the digital designs of the model using a combination of Vectorworks and Photoshop. 

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