A poster designed to explore the concept of glitch
Inspired by Ji Lee’s calligraphy and the minimalist posters, this poster embraces both the glitch aesthetic and the mistake that is defined by a glitch. Through my photography experimentation, I came to the realisation that often the photos I had taken that wouldn't typically have been considered traditionally photogenic were in fact the most artistically interesting. This was the idea that I tried to emphasise in my final poster as I hoped to remove the stigma associated with making a mistake. In a society that is consumed with the idea of perfection, I think it’s important to remember that mistakes are just as important as a successful outcome.
Taking different elements from my experiments, my final poster is composed of an overexposed photo taken of a busy highway. The poster both plays on the idea of the glitch aesthetic and the physical act of making a mistake. The QR code at the bottom of the poster can be scanned - taking the individual to a broken link. Further encouraging the individual to question the purpose of the work.
Some of the preliminary designs

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