A prototype that was designed to improve the UX of the Facebook Messenger search 
This project was based on a personal hunch. I found that the search function on Facebook Messenger was quite clunky and ineffective. I found that unless you put in the perfect search terms (given you were in the right conversation to begin with), it took an unnecessarily long time to locate the piece of information you were after. There was no way to filter the messages or search through all your messages in a single go and so I re-designed the user flow to make it easier to narrow down your search terms and subsequently reduce the time it took to find a message.
View the clickable prototype here
Desktop Research
As part of my desktop research I undertook a number of processes that included interviewing individuals, doing a context clarifier, and creating a user persona. I then went on to do paper prototypes which I developed into a low fidelity prototype. The low fidelity prototype then underwent more testing based on user testing before arriving at the current prototype.
Low Fidelity Prototype Development

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