A graphic response to the chapter on the Age of Windows, within the book The Virtual Window by Anne Friedberg
This graphic response plays upon the idea of the window and the screen becoming one. Nowadays we see everything through a screen - we take photos on it, we text people with it, watch entertainment on it, search for answers with it. The screen has become synonymous with our day to day lives and in many ways has become the main method we use to see the world. At the same time, the concept of a window in this day and age has almost completely disappeared - we see how the window has become a wall that merges the public and private life.
Titled Ephemeral, the image is meant to explore the transparency associated with glass and windows and touch on the ephemeral nature of the window’s view. As well as being a further comment on the current role that screens play in society and more specifically in the lives of the millennial generation - where almost everything is nothing more than a FAD.

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