Designed in response to a brief that asked us to re-design the UNSW Art & Design Wayfinding system
Inspired by UNSW’s focus on “media innovation and emerging technologies” (UNSW 2019), the new A & D wayfinding system aims to capture and translate the technological creativity of the UNSW Art and Design students. Utilising the current UNSW brand colours, including the Art & Design faculty grey, this new wayfinding system is a bold reinterpretation of the original signage.
The new system utilises the motif of the LED wire pattern, which references the improving advancements in technology as well as the UNSW motto “never stand still” (UNSW 2019), to create a succinct and cohesive system. Although the system uses bold colours, the sign designs are quite minimal and clean cut with a lot of ‘white’ space, in order to complement rather than overpower the current mural art and décor of the campus. The system’s use of LED wires, were not only designed to be visually appealing but act as a safety mechanism during the evenings by lighting up certain parts of the signs. Thereby improving visibility and ensuring that the wayfinding system can be accessed at all hours of the day.
New signs have also been introduced into the system – these include a recycling sign, emphasising the move towards environmental sustainability, a UNSW shuttle bus sign. As well as a place making symbol that aims to increase visibility and branding of the UNSW Art & Design campus by showcasing the building to the outer Paddington Community. This is done both through the sculptural piece placed in the garden, as well as the use of the interactive screen that hangs above the Arthouse Kitchen.
Overall the design aims to reflect the nature of the UNSW community. The line motif, not only reflecting the interwoven collaborative nature of the A & D community but the evolving nature of students, as they continue to explore, innovate and create their mark on the world.
UNSW (2019) About US . UNSW Accessed 12/8/19

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