A group project that was created in response to a brief that asked us to redesign the 7Eleven and Napier Street space in Paddington. 
The Network is a dynamic public space that aims to bring both the UNSW community and the public together by creating a more seamless integration between the campus and the suburb of Paddington. The building is divided into two main spaces - an exhibition-cum-function space on the ground floor and a social gathering area above. 
The above space features a curvilinear viewing platform that acts as a bar area and a net structure that spans across the roof of the gallery. Designed to be experimental, the net creates an unexpected place for leisure and rest allowing viewers to interact within the space as well as the gallery below. While the glass dome acts as an open facade, while still providing shelter from the noise of Oxford Street.
Group members: Shyana Markus & Madison Tong
Contribution: For this project I helped with the initial research which included finding precedents, sketch models, diagrammatic sketches and the initial section. I also did the CAD designs using a mixture of Google Sketchup and Photoshop and helped to put the model together.

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